Tropity is coming back!

Tropity is coming back bigger than ever! We will post news and screenshots on our discord server. We hope to only be in development for a few months but this deadline may be extended if needed.

The following features are confirmed to be in the first release of Tropity:

  • Users can create their own shops on the island and sell their own items on them.
  • Brand new pages, designs and a complete rewrite of existing code.
  • Introduction of programmable items which can be coded to do anything you want using our special editor!
  • Different jobs that you can join within the island and other ways of creating income apart from shops.
  • Houses for your player to live in that can be customized the exact way you want it. From the plot size to the individual pieces of furniture inside! (Which can all be interactable)
  • DM and messaging system for chatting with friends
  • Everything will be optimized to make sure that the experience on Tropity is fast and smooth.
  • In-site forums.

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